About Us

St John's

During the COVID out break we have been meeting virtually and our services are on YouTube


Whether you find us on Sunday at our services, or whether you bump into us in the week, a warm welcome awaits you at St. John's.  We are a small church with a big vision.  Our aim is to take God very seriously, but ourselves not seriously at all.  We love to be in contact with people in our community.

Grace Church

During the COVID out break we have been meeting virtually and our services are on zoom.

We strongly believe that belonging to a church family involves 4 connecting actions from family members: Meeting regularly, Praying, Serving, and Giving.

Doing these things do not make us a Christian, only faith in Jesus can do that; Rather they are what Jesus says should be our response to God for what He has already done for us.

The highlight of our week is meeting together as a family on Sunday afternoons. During our short time together, we hear from the Bible, ask questions about what we’ve heard, sing, pray, and enjoy being part of God’s family. Whilst we take God’s Word seriously, we generally do this with informality, fun and often laughter.

It is our aim that our gatherings are accessible to all. Our children and young people go to their groups during the Bible talk and stay in for the rest of the service.

In the groups the children and young people engage with teaching from the Bible, sing, pray, enjoy being creative with the aim to help them learn about Jesus. All memory verses, crafts and games link to the teaching points explored in our main service so that children and adults are all learning together.

Refreshments and games (often involving a football) start at 3.30pm. There is dinner for the children after the main service until about 5.45pm. Whilst the children eat there is a chance for the adults to continue talking about what we have learned and get to know each other better.

We aim to be a church where people can ask their questions and share their doubts. None of us has it all sorted but we learn together. Why not come and see for yourself?