Planning Your Visit

We hope the following information will be useful when planning your visit.

Finding Us

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Parking at the Church

Immediately to the left of the churchyard entrance there’s parking space for two cars (marked “Church Parking”). Please don’t park to the right of the churchyard entrance as this space belongs to an adjoining cottage. In the unlikely event that both parking spaces are occupied, please park in the street, away from the corner.

When there’s a wedding or funeral at the church the car park is usually closed to allow the wedding car or hearse to park easily.

Toilet Facilities

There are no toilet facilities at the church, or any public toilets in the village.

Parking and Toilets for Weddings and Funerals

When a wedding or funeral is held at the church, members of the congregation may be able to open the Village Hall so that visitors can use its toilets and also park in the field behind the Hall. Parking won’t be available if the field is wet and likely to be damaged. Toilets will only be available if the Hall isn’t already booked. There’ll be a sign at the village T junction directing visitors to the Village Hall if these facilities are available. The Hall is only a few minutes walk from the church. Our thanks to the Village Hall Committee for offering this facility.

…And Finally!

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your visit, whether just to visit our church, attend a regular service or to come to a funeral, wedding or baptism, please contact us.