About Us

"God coming in the shape of Jesus to share our life, pain, and joy in the greatest rescue mission from sin and selfishness that the world has ever known . . . and now our Heavenly Father has sent his Holy Spirit to give us the power to live for Him."

Our current pattern of services:

First Sundays         10am - Morning Prayer 

Second Sundays    10am - Holy Communion

Third Sundays        10am - Morning Prayer

                                  6.30pm - Still Waters (alternate months)

Fourth Sundays     10am - Holy Communion

Fifth Sundays - when they occur - are usually Benefice wide services held in rotation at Ash, Martock or Kingsbury Episcopi.

About our Church

Please join us for worship in this fine building, the origins of which lie in a much older Saxon church, now long gone. This is a place which saw the ravages of Cromwell's soldiers and later fell into a parlous state before being renovated between 1845 and 1849. We are a welcoming congregation of about twenty regulars who worship God with a mixture of liturgy. Many services at St Martin's begin with the six bells being expertly rung or at least chimed in a glorious call to worship. All morning services end with coffee and a chance to chat. Anyone wishing to join us will be sure of a warm and friendly welcome.

We don't currently have any activities for the young. However, we have a toy and activity chest on a carpeted area and we are glad to see youngsters at any service. Having children present helps us remember Jesus saying that we need to let the little children come to Him so please feel welcome!

Our Vicar is the Revd Paul Fillery available on 01935 826113 or by email: [email protected].

The church office should be contacted initially for any pastoral matters such as wedding or baptism enquiries. Our administrator, Lydia, can be spoken with on Wednesdays and Fridays on 01935 826113 or she can be emailed at: [email protected]. The office has a voicemail facility. 

We have trained, DBS checked pastoral visitors who can visit those who would appreciate contact or who are lonely, frail or unwell at home or in hospital. They also take home communions to those unable to get to church. Please contact the benefice office if you would like a visit yourself or on behalf of someone else with their agreement.