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Features of interest.

De Brett

The vestry houses an effigy of a De Brett, believed to be the great nephew of one of the four notorious murderers of Thomas a' Beckett at Canterbury.  In the north transept is a family tree of the Brett family.

Ceiling bosses

The ceiling bosses are interesting.  To aid inspection of these, close-up photographs are in a booklet which is in the north transept.

Pew ends.

On entering the church the first pew end on the right depicts the story of Florence Wyndham.

She had appeared to die and was lying in St Decuman's church, Watchet when the Sexton decided to remove her rings to keep for himself. Because they were not easily removed he took a knife to her fingers, at which point she began to bleed! The Sexton fled and Florence, in her shroud, made her way to her home, much to the consternation of the guests gathered for her wake.  She subsequently went on to have twin children and these are depicted in the pew carving.  Although the church has no direct connection with the Wyndhams it is presumed that an itinerant woodcarver heard this story and decided to immortalise it in our church.