If you live in our parish (basically, in Norton Fitzwarren), you will be entitled to have a baptism at our church.  At a baptism (or Christening, as it's also known), we are welcomed into the Church and commitments are made to the Christian faith and to God through Jesus Christ.  People are often baptised as infants but adult baptism is also possible, and the preparation and service will differ accordingly.

In advance of the service, we will meet with you to discuss what Christian baptism means, what happens at the service and answer any particular questions you may have.  For an infant baptism, the role of Godparents is especially important and we will discuss this with you.  When the child is too young to make their own commitments, parents and Godparents do so on their behalf and it is vital that they understand what they are promising.   

There are no fees for baptism services, but we do invite donations from the congregation on the day which are given to support the mission and ministry of All Saints' Church as we serve our community.   

Taking the next steps

If you would like to discuss arranging a baptism, please contact our Rector, Revd Paul Irving: 01823 771968 or email [email protected]