Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Burnley St. Andrew with St. Margaret And Burnley St. James

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Welcome to the Parish Church of Burnley S. Andrew w S. Margaret and Burnley S. James.  My name is Fr Aiden Edwards and as of Friday 4th September at 19.30 hours, I will be the Interim (3 years) Vicar of this parish.

I consider it an absolute privilege to serve God's people here regardless of whether you're a communicant member of the Church or someone who thinks it's just a load of old nonsense!

Please, do get in touch.  People usually get in touch to discuss baptisms, weddings, funerals, to make a confession, talk about what services we offer or when they or a relative are sick and want healing from the church or preparation for end of life.  The ministry team which is made up of ordained, licensed lay ministers and lay people are ready to assist in whatever way we can care for you and provide prayerful support.

Fr Aiden

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The Revd Fr Aiden J A Edwards B A (Hons)

St Andrews Vicarage 230 Barden Lane Burnley Lancashire

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