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I write on behalf of St Andrew's Church Community hall, Duke bar, Colne, Road Burnley, Lancashire.

We hope to open our Community hall when it is safe to carry on, following the corvid 19 guidelines.

With this in mind we have had our two boilers serviced, and unfortunately one of the boilers has been condemned, without the boilers in good working order we will be unable to open the hall to the community users. Which are Beavers, Brownies, and Rainbows, plus two sessions of Play & Stay for the toddlers with Parents/grand/parents/Carers on a Monday & Friday between 9am & 11am which is well attended, there is Tea 7 Toast on a Thursday after the 9.30am service also after the Sunday service we meet in the hall for tea or coffee.

There is considerable deprivation across all social groups confirmed in the county, We have a large Asian heritage population from Pakistan and Bangladesh and now many from Eastern Europe.

We are a lively parish with a reasonably supported church, we have taken serving our community and encouraging its cohesion very seriously. The Church community Hall is adjacent to the Church and is used not just by our own sponsored organisations but also by a wide variety of community and family groups.

The Community Hall over the past years 2020/2021 has been closed due to corvid 19 with no revenue coming in to cover hall costs plus the church was closed for a period of time of 2020, we have over this period experienced a very low income.

We would like to be able to pay for the boiler out of our reveries but as I have said they are very low (we just do not have the money) we still have commitments, which we have to pay to keep going. If we are unable to replace the boiler our activities in the community hall will decrease, and so weekly income will in the future. The Hall will be used less often less aired for the long damp Pennine winters.

The cost for a new boiler has been estimated at £2.880

Please can you HELP.

Many thanks

God Bless

Vic Moore Churchwarden


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Fr Aiden