About Us

St Aldhelm's is a welcoming community of ordinary people learning to worship God, love one another, and serve all people. Each week a wide range of people meet here to worship and discover more about the love of God revealed to them through Jesus Christ.

St Aldhelm’s is God’s little secret tucked away in the heart of Bedminster. It is our hope that more and more people will discover God’s love and establish a personal relationship with Christ. We do not pretend to have all the answers but are beginning to be changed by our experience of God.

St Aldhelm's is a friendly, lively and popular church, which has served the area for generations. But the church is more than just a building. Its lifeblood is its people, who worship together and share in its many activities. Our main service is on Sunday mornings and our congregation is made up of every age range. After services there are refreshments, and chance to have a chat.

Visit our parish website for services and events.