Box tombs restoration project

Restoration of box tombs in Luckington Churchyard.  It is a closed churchyard and Wiltshire Council have the responsibility to maintain it.  The box tombs were found to be unsafe and Wiltshire Council put safety fences around.  This sparked a project called "Tombraisers" led by members of the congregation to seek to restore the tombs and the military graves.  The group were successful in doing fundraising locally from villagers, Wiltshire Council gave a contribution from their Community Fund and Luckington and Alderton Parish council made a contribution.

National Lottery funding was secured and the work commenced on 16/9/19

The local schoolchildren have participated in the project and will have a talk from the stonemasons conducting the project.  They village the churchyard regularly to learn about the history of the church and the environment it is in.

A talk was held by the grandson of Sir Stuart Menzies as part of the community outreach activity.

A special service was held with representatives from the Armed Forces and our local MP, James Gray attended and read a lesson.

Update November 2021: Following a very successful exhibition and book 'Luckington Lives', and the installation of the information board at the church, the project is now concluded.

More info and updates on the project can be found here: