Splash Out campaign

Campaign being run to find funds to support this project.

Fundraising website: <span style="font-size: 1rem;">https://givealittle.co/campaigns/508810e2-b8e3-47b9-ab4a-7d5ba78b53dc</span>

Rearrangement of existing vestry in order to introduce an accessible WC (no WC at present). Introduction of a small kitchenette in the base of the bell tower. Construction of a new floor over the kitchenette with a new bells access staircase. As the Church has no running water and drainage, excavation and drainage work will need to take place including the introduction of a biodisk sewage treatment tank. Excavation will need to take place for a new connection to mains water and an archaeological dig will need to take place.

Headley Trust, Luckington and Alderton Parish Council and WHCT have already committed funds

Luckington PCC will allocate fund

Fundraising activity - Midsummer concert took place in the Church in June 2019

Local village photographer, Nick Burridge has written a book called "Luckington Lives" - the book can be purchased by contacting him at [email protected] or [email protected]

More grant applications are being made eg National Churches Trust, Garfield Weston, National Lottery Cornerstone grants. 

Fingers crossed as we have quite a mountain to climb.  Estimate for the work is in region of £80k