1. Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding within the Gauzebrook Benefice

In developing this policy the churches in the Gauzebrook Benefice commits to following the safeguarding policies of the Church of England, safeguarding policy and guidance as issued by the Diocese of Bristol and commits to working within legislation and statutory guidance as related to the Safeguarding of Children, Young People and Adults.

The Safeguarding Officer for the Benefice is Alison Reed.

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The Safeguarding documents can be found on the Diocese of Bristol Website here:

https://www.bristol.anglican.org/safeguarding-resources/ look under National policies and procedures.

Diocese of Bristol:

• Safeguarding Policy, 2016

• Allegations Management Procedure, 2016

• Ministering to those who may present a risk, 2016

• Safer Recruitment Guidance and Toolkit, 2017

1._GB_Safeguarding_Policy_Sherston, PDF