About Us

St Martin’s Church Acrise offers traditional Anglican worship with a broad mix ministry team.

St Martin’s is an ancient church building set within the boundary of Acrise Place. Dating back nearly a thousand years, St Martin’s continues to retain the simplicity and atmosphere of its original early Norman construction. Comprised of a nave and chancel, topped by massive wooden tie beams and king posts, it lies quietly hidden from the road and is approached through an avenue of trees.

Acrise owes its name to the abundance of oaks that grew on the high ground in the area namely ‘oak rise’ in medieval English. There are still many old oak trees to be found within the parish, which even today has only a small population of around two hundred people. Listed in the Domesday Book (1086) as being held by Ansketel of Rots from Bishop Odo of Bayeaux, it comprised one manor, woodland and a church.

St Martin’s was probably built by Ansketel shortly after the Domesday entry and replaced an earlier Saxon church. Whilst much of the work is now hidden by later 14th century alterations, parts of original windows and priest’s door remain testimony to the early Norman origin. (Adapted from the ‘Friends of St Martin’s’ http://www.stmartinsacrise.co.uk/history.html )

St Martins is a beautiful place, a place of quiet and tranquillity in an ever changing world. It is a beautiful place to worship, be married, christened or confirmed. It is a place where the veil is thin between heaven and earth.

Please visit us to worship or just to be close to God in whatever way you find God. You will find a big welcome from our regulars.

Our Mission

• To spread the good news of the Gospel to all.

• To offer fellowship to an isolated rural community of all ages.

• To welcome all ages to come to know God.

• To offer a consecrated location for weddings, funerals and baptisms.

• To offer a place of worship to those who feel drawn to the Book of Common Prayer as their main worship style.

Being a hamlet Acrise has a very small community. However, the congregation of St Martin’s at Acrise is drawn from a very wide area, with people travelling from Hawkinge, Swingfield, Denton, Folkestone, Alkham, Capel-le-Ferne and many parts of the Elham valley to seek the style of worship and friendly welcoming congregation at this church.

Our mission is inclusively to spread the Good News far and wide, supporting all ages by offering a traditional service and fellowship.  

Current Pattern of Services

St Martin’s, Acrise holds Holy Communion, led by Priests, or Matins services, led by Lay Readers, and Fellowship services with some ‘special services’ led by an Authorised Lay Minister (ALM) or Parochial Church Council (PCC) member.

All our Services, including special festivals, such as Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and Mothering Sunday are held at 09:30.  With occasional “specials” in the afternoon; examples of these would be Taize services, Good Friday meditation and passion, Nine Lessons and Carols for both Advent and Christmas.

The first Sunday of the Month Holy Communion is led by the Benefice Priest in Charge, Rev'd. Jane Weeks. The second Sunday is Holy Communion led by a Self-Supporting Minister, Rev'd. Stephen Dougal. The third  Sunday is a Fellowship service led by one of our Lay Readers or ALMs and the fourth Sunday is a Family Service, in a 'cafe' style and suitable for all ages, adults and children alike.  If a priest is not available to lead Holy Communion on the first or second Sunday of the month, this will be replaced by a matins service led by a lay minister.

Services usually follow the Book of Common Prayer. However alternative ‘special services’ follow other forms of worship, including; Taize, Lessons and Carols, and Hymn Sandwiches.

All ages are welcome to our services with children mixing with retired people freely, although there are no specific facilities for children due unfortunately, to lack of space  

Weddings and Baptism (christenings) may be held in the church.

Social mission and outreach

St Martin’s, Acrise has a varied social life. Including the annual Flower Festival, annual ‘Beating the Bounds’ walk, a patronal breakfast, annual cycle ride, coffee evenings/mornings, Harvest Festival and refreshments after Holy Communion.