About Us

St Bartholomew’s Church Bobbing holds family centred services every week at 11am.  

Services last approximately 1 hour and feature contemporary worship, children’s activities and coffee and cake to follow.  Our communion service is normally the 3rd Sunday of the month. 

On the fifth Sunday of the month we also have a quieter reflective service at 6pm. 


Why not arrive a bit early so we can get to know you over a coffee before the service?  


We are linked with the Sittingbourne Team Ministry and are part of the Holy Trinity with Bobbing Parish. Our values are Love God, Love each other and Love the World. 


We look forward to meeting you. 


For more information see our web site: https://bobbingchurch.org or like our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/bobbingchurch  

For more information on weddings or baptisms please email: [email protected]

Safeguarding information can be viewed here http://www.bobbingchurch.org/about-us/safeguarding-information