Funds for the New Church

The site for the church was initially held in trust by Charles Hodgson, and then conveyed to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in April 1869/ He also secured an endowment of £150 per year for the separate district of Blackford and a grant of £1,500 for a new parsonage house, both from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.

It was estimated that £1,100 would be needed to build the new church. The Diocesan Church and Parsonage Building Society advanced a sum of £100, a further sum of £350 had previously been raised by Mr J M Straughan of Kirklinton Hall. The remainder was raised by public subscriptions, and the final cost of the building was £1,053. The Carlisle Patriot said, "It was Mr Hodgson's uncommon felicity to see the church opened by Friday 24th June free of debt."