Since 1995 we have had strong ecumenical links with the Catholic Church in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, the Loire Valley, France.  

We have been blessed with regular visits, discussions about faith and many a convivial glass of wine (not to mention the 4-5 hour long meals!). Centered on Theological discussions about our Christian faith we have benefitted from learning and worshipping together, celebrating our life in common and respecting our differences. The language barrier is overcome with lots of smiles….

As with many parishes, they work in partnership  - the extended parish is known as St Lezin. If you are in the Loire Valley, do go to the service and introduce yourself. Mass times can be found at

You might also like to wander to the vineyards in the area if you are in France. At the start of our links with the parish, the priest was Henri Boret. He introduced us to his family vineyard in Champs sur Layon. If you visit, do let Arnaud and Veronique Boret  know that you’ve read this page!