Church of England Diocese of Carlisle Kirkoswald

St Oswald

Ordinary people seeking together to follow and serve Jesus - in the community, and for the community. You are welcome to our services and other events. Do feel welcome to join us!

For Services and other events: Our normal church building-based services and events are cancelled due to coronavirus. But still visit the 'Services and Events' page to learn about Friday morning prayers, downloadable services and other sources of help. You can also click on the 'Our Website' button below to go to the East of Eden Mission Community website for up to date local online resources and information.

Churchwardens to contact on general matters are: Michael Watts (01768 898688) and Richard Bottom (01768 870708).  FOR ANY ENQUIRY, INCLUDING THOSE ABOUT BAPTISMS, WEDDINGS AND FUNERALS please also contact Rev. Katharine Butterfield 01768 898176. Email: [email protected]  (Day off: Monday.)

St. Oswald's Church will be closed from Sunday 25th October until the end of March 2021 apart from Services. Anyone wishing to gain access will need to contact Ruth Lee on 01768 898604.

For Safeguarding: To ensure that we keep everyone safe, we have a Parish Safeguarding Officer, who does what is needed to keep children and vulnerable people safe. For St. Oswald's church this is:Kevin Turpin, telephone 07942 491114, email: [email protected]  For more information see 'Safeguarding' on the menu list.

St Oswald's is in a group (or benefice) of 4 churches; the other churches in the group are: St Nicholas, Lazonby, All Saints, Renwick, and St Cuthberts, Great Salkeld. 

You can also visit the East of Eden mission community website which has information on several churches in our area, including our own, in a different format:

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Michael Watts/Richard Bottom (Churchwardens)

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