St Oswald

A very warm "Welcome" to St Oswald's Church, Grasmere

We are in the heart of the central Lake District, now The Lakes World Heritage Site. St Oswald's is a mediaeval church on a 7th century site - a sacred place of prayer and celebration since the earliest days of North British Christianity. William and his wife Mary with sister Dorothy Wordsworth rest in our churchyard along with family members and villagers. St Oswald's continues to offer worship, music, festivals and poetry today.

Locals and visitors 'belong' here, in the quiet of a weekday visit and the sung Eucharistic worship on Sundays and festivals. Join us!

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Rev. David Wilmot

St. Mary's Vicarage
Ambleside Road

LA23 1BA

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THE CORONATION: We shall hold King Charles and the Royal Family in our Prayers during worship next Sunday morning, 7th May at 11.00am. You will be very welcome.