Vision and Values

Vision Statement

We strive to be an inclusive and outward looking Christian community embodying the life of Christ and bound together by the love of God and love for each other, welcoming everyone who wants to learn about and be involved in the Christian journey of faith.

Core Values

We turn our vision into action by recognising and valuing: –

Our Faith: Our Christian faith is rooted in and energised by scripture, tradition and reason and led by the Holy Spirit. It recognises that our heritage is alive in the present, is relevant to today’s society and looks to the future. It is never afraid to engage with and be challenged by God’s creation.

Our Worship: We seek to worship God with reverence, dignity, diversity and within our strong and developing musical tradition. Prayer and listening to God are essential aspects of our understanding of worship.

Our Community: The church is people in relationship with God – a community which is open, generous. diverse, welcoming, hospitable, healing and caring.

Our Mission: We respond to the call to communicate the faith in care, service, healing, concern and witness; locally, ecumenically and globally.