Church of England Diocese of Chester Swettenham

Local links and things to do

Local Businesses

The Swettenham Arms, one of Cheshire’s favourite country inns, serving gastro food, and dating back to the 16th century. It's located opposite St Peter's Church. 

The Lovell Quinta Arboretum was the brainchild of Sir Bernard Lovell, best known for his telescope at Jodrell Bank and his work with radar. It now belongs to the Tatton Garden Society.  The site is home to around 2,500 trees and shrubs and a colourful range of plants with seasonal attractions from early flowers to berries and autumn colour. The arboretum is open to the public for a modest fee. 

Clonter Opera, a cultural centre providing stimulating, high quality and accessible entertainment for all ages. Clonter runs public events through the year, including opera, jazz, folk and gospel, as well as running educational projects. It shares facilities with other performing arts organisations and charities.

Nearby, Welltrough Hall Farm, with its adults-only caravan park. The farm sells its home-reared beef too. 

The website for the Swettenham Parish Council can be seen by clicking here.