About Us

St Philip's is a family  church. All are welcome. Very young children have a corner in the church where they can play during the services. Older children go into the church hall for their own teaching but return in time for communion. Everyone stays in the service on the first Sunday in the month. Where the whole family can share in praise and worship.

We worship the Lord Jesus Christ, and teach that salvation is through faith. We like to think we are a charismatic evangelical church. Everyone is encouraged to share in the ministry of the church. Where we can learn to put our faith into action, and enjoy being in the family of God. 

We have a mixed congregation of about 15 people. Currently we have 2 fellowship groups that meet midweek in our homes. At these groups we pray,study the  Bible, share concerns, get to know each other better, and grow in Christ. It has been long held desire to have a fellowship group in ever street in the parish. The church hosts many community groups through the week. These range from dancing to scouts.

Our mission statement  "Let your light so shine before people that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven"  

All Sunday Morning and evening Services are on Zoom. Contact Rev Mike Eaman for details 02476612973.