Church of England Diocese of Derby Saint Bartholomew, Whittington

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Hello, I'm the Churchwarden, Joanna Moffatt

You can ring me about any query you have regarding St Bartholomew's Church.   If it's not something I can deal with I will pass it on to the Rector.  I can help with burial records, enquiries about events and information about services.

Please remember to leave your phone number and speak very clearly, preferably repeating the number again.  I have been unable to reply to some messages because the recording of the number was not clear, or no number was left!  So if you do not hear from me, please ring again.  I was particularly sorry one enquirer had not left her number, as I would probably have been able to help with her enquiry about the burial of her grandmother.

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Ms Joanna Moffatt

9 Church Street North Old Whittington Chesterfield Derbyshire