About Us

Parish Vision

We believe God has called us to make known the God who fathers the fatherless, defends the vulnerable, puts the lonely in families, and sets people free. (Psalm 68:5&6)

We will therefore:

⮚ seek out the lost and share the Father’s love so that together we may know God as Father and live out our redeemed status as children of God

⮚ defend and support the poor and vulnerable

⮚ reach out in blessing to others, and include those who respond in our church family

⮚ support people in finding their purpose in serving God so that they might find freedom from all that holds them captive

This vision can be summarised in our mission statement to be:

“A loving community, following Jesus and serving Normanton”

A bit of background ...

Walbrook Epiphany (inaugurated on 28th January 1996) brings together four former parishes to minister to this inner city area of around 25,000 people or many different ethnicities and traditions.  St Augustine’s, which has become the main parish church while St Thomas’s is being renovated, has an open evangelical tradition, and we see strength in the breadth and diversity of the spirituality we have brought together from all four former parishes.

St Augustine’s is a large pleasant building (completed 1908) which has been re-ordered over the years to create a carpeted welcome area and a meeting room with kitchen and toilet facilities.  The pews have been replaced with chairs to create a large flexible space for multi-purpose use.  A new sound system and projection screen have been installed.

Having four former parishes brings the blessing and challenge of a number of different buildings that offer a range of opportunities as bases for potential outreach and worship. Some of these buildings are used as community centres.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">St Augustine’s Church hosts The Gathering Place Café and Jubilee Project on a Wednesday.</span>

St Augustine’s Crypt (Watson Rooms) provide a venue for a day centre on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for adults with learning difficulties.