About Us

St Nick's is a group of about 80 people who belong to the Church of England and who enjoy getting to know others.

St Nicholas Church has been a focus for community in Allestree since 1958. It has expressed God's love in a variety of ways, not least by providing a home for different groups: pre-school children, cubs and scouts, theatre, dance and more. Many comment on how St Nick's seems to be humming with life every day of the week.

Right at the heart of what we are about is helping people to encounter God in their own experience, especially through prayer and worship.

This is our website: https://www.stnicksallestree.uk/

We are also on Facebook as St Nicholas' Allestree and our Twitter name is #StAllestree

Our Parish Safeguarding Lead is Miriam Chappell who can be contacted via the Church Office 01332 550431 or on 01332 550782. 

Safeguarding concerns can also be reported via the Diocese of Derby website: https://derby.anglican.org/en/safeguarding.html