Church of England Diocese of Derby Holbrook

Green Team Update

24 Nov 2019, 6 p.m.

I thought you might like to receive an update regarding the Green Team proposals towards St Michael's Eco Church.

After meeting with Chris and the volunteers we marked out the area for wildflowers. This will be the first of three areas which will be suitable along the roadside of the boundary. The volunteers completed an excellent job. This area has been chosen for several reasons as we have discussed:

1.The area is the best aspect to receive the sunshine necessary for wild flowers.

2.The wildflowers will be enjoyed by those travelling along Portway. It will also be easily visible from the road and will 'set off' the church nicely.

3.The verges are sufficiently far away enough not to cause a hindrance to those visiting graves.

4.The flowers and butterflies may be enjoyed by those sitting on the bench.

As agreed we will complete each step gradually. This is the first verge which will be planted up in spring. We will also be placing 3 bird boxes in the church grounds in early spring and an insect hotel. I am still in the process of completing surveys of your trees and monitoring what wildlife you have visiting your church and will let you know my results in due course.

I look forward to seeing the bees and butterflies arrive this summer and building on the plans for the future ecology of the church. 

Do come along and have a look for yourself as the work progresses and let us know what wildlife you spot.