Although we are having more time in our gardens at home, at this time of year we would normally be attending fetes, garden parties, and enjoying more time with our friends at various community events. We are all of us missing the social engagement that normally comes with warmer weather and longer days.

Yet we do have Hope and even more so now. In the next few weeks, we must all take courage and remain resilient to what is before us. We still need to encourage one another, remain positive, to protect our future life together. You might also enjoy this from the National Oak Academy Assembly on Hope.

A group of professional artists went live on Wednesday this week from The Other Palace, performing a digital song cycle called On Hope, a global journey of stories, adventures, connections. From the scriptures during this Easter season, we read from John’s gospel: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me” - so we take heart that, even in these dark days, we will remain strong and united by our Hope and Faith in a God of Love