About Us

St. John's Parish includes the villages of Castleside, Moorside, The Grove and Rowley and is located to the west of Consett in County Durham.  The  church itself sits at the A68 crossroads in the village of Castleside. 

Newcastle is 16 miles to the north-east, Hexham 15 miles to the north-west, Darlington 25 miles to the South. Castleside stands above the lovely Derwent Valley - and the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Beauty starts on the parish's doorstep. 


The church, built of local stone, was designed by Mr. Ewan Christian of London and is a reproduction of a church he had seen and admired while on holiday in Switzerland. It is a small church and has a peaceful and welcoming feel about it. The Right Reverend Dr. Charles Baring, Bishop of Durham  consecrated St John’s on 7th March 1867 . The church is open from 9a.m. – 5p.m. most days. Please feel free to visit us when you can.