Pilgrimage - Our inaugural Pilgrim Service

We are fortunate to have a recently 'relaunched' Pilgrim trail running through Gainford - collectively known as the 'Northern Saints'

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">This set of new walking trails seeks to chart the spiritual heritage of north-east England as the Christian crossroads of the British Isles.</span>

The golden age of British pilgrimage lasted roughly from the 12th to the early 15th centuries. During the 13th century, many British cathedrals were so besieged by pilgrims that normal church services were frequently disrupted.

Pilgrimage trails have again become popular, and modern-days pilgrims often seek sanctuary from busy lives, and, during the pandemic, have felt a need to reconnect with nature.

“Pilgrimage is a journey forward to the ancient future,” says David Pott, who helped to devise and waymark the six trails. “The idea of life as a journey is deep within our psyche.”

A more in depth article on the new trails can be found here

Here you can find our YouTube recording of the service.  However please be aware we apologise for the sound quality as we were having significant sound quality problems due to recording outdoors in a windy environment.  We are in the process of endeavouring to resolve this for future outdoor services. 

Our full Route Description for the Pilgrimage Trail is attached for anyone interested in exploring it. 

Way_of_Life_North_to_South_Route_Description_1871700785, PDF