Safeguarding Policy - Promoting a Safer Church

What does 'safeguarding' mean at Bexwell church?

For many, 'safeguarding' is often misunderstood as relating only to child protection, but here at Bexwell church, we see safeguarding as much more than this. If 'Christ has no body now on earth but yours' (Teresa of Avila), then surely we are called to be as Christ to our community- firstly to be aware and secondly to care for the needs of others no matter what form they take.

Modern advances have improved our lives in so many ways, but it's definitely not all roses. Despite all the means for greater connectivity there is an increase in loneliness and isolation, especially among the elderly. Economic pressures on young families mean that both parents require full-time work, putting great strain on relationships. Teenagers struggle to navigate the choppy waters of social media and the incidence of poor mental health is increasing across all ages. For some the world can feel far from a safe place to dwell.

At Bexwell we seek to be a caring, listening community and to offer a safe place where people can come and find the acceptance, refreshment and healing they need for their onward journey. We want people in our worshipping and wider community to be well in body, mind and spirit and to feel safe, and if they are not, to feel able to speak to us.

If you have any concerns that a person in this community is not safe, for whatever reason, or you yourself would like to speak to someone, you can speak to our safeguarding officer.

We assure you of a willingness to let you speak and be heard. 

Our safeguarding officer is Fraser Reich, and if you wish to speak about any matters to do with safeguarding in this community, please contact him directly on 077906 39984 or e-mail [email protected] and we will ask him to contact you.

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