Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Parkend and Viney Hill

Petulengro's Grave

Gypsy Petulengro was a Romany often referred to as a "King of the Gypsies", who achieved some fame in books and on the radio during  the 1940s /50s.  He spent much time in the village of Viney Hill and at the end of his life, in June 1957, he was buried in All Saints' Churchyard.

His funeral was such a spectacle that the local school gave the children time off so they could watch the procession. Almost everyone in the village turned out and Romany Gypsies came from all over the world to attend. The procession was accompanied by a group of gypsy violinists.

It was of such note that it was recorded on film for Pathe Newreel which used to be shown in cinemas then.   The film was never actually shown but it can still be found on YouTube -