About Us

The parish church of St Nicholas, Kemerton, has served our village community for almost 1,000 years.  As with many such ancient churches, the building was heavily restored in the Victorian era, so what you see does not have quite that sense of a millennium of history. Architecturally, the appeal of the church is to those who admire the work of the Camden Society and the Tractarians - while practically it has left us with a sound building that is very hard to heat.

The church provides a weekly communion service to a small but welcoming congregation, is busy for the great celebrations of Easter, Harvest and Christmas, and can be full for weddings and (sadly) funerals.  Our churchmanship is just on the formal side of middling (our Tractarian ancestors would be disappointed in us).  

We are in a joint benefice with another St Nicholas' Church, in Ashchurch, and there are a number of very welcome times when one of our two churches provides a benefice service for us both.