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No one can be really sure when a church stood for the first time on the site of St Peter’s in Ropsley. However, architectural styles indicate both Saxon and Norman work. The church is clearly mentioned in William the Conqueror's doomsday survey. This, at the very least, bears witness to Christian worship being practiced here for around a thousand years.

St Peter’s has grown in size and seen the addition of many different architectural styles since the work of those original constructors. The plain English tower was erected in the 13th century with the decorated broach spire being completed in 1320.

In 1483 the south porch was built by Bishop Foxe, a man of Ropsley origins. Village people will be familiar with the Latin inscription over the porch. "Hoc nec vade via, nisi dicas Ave Maria" - "Go not away unless ye pray an Ave Maria".

Benefice Contacts

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Boothby Pagnell Tom Blake Churchwarden 01476585898

Braceby & Humby Colin McGarrigle Churchwarden & Lay Minister 01476585909

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Old Somerby Len Watson Churchwarden 01476568439

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