Bishop Foxe c1448- 1528 Ropsley Born man who Baptised Henry VIII

Bishop Richard Foxe was born in Ropsley c1448 and over his career was bishop of Exeter, Bath and Wells and Durham and Winchester.

In 1500 he was made Chancellor of Cambridge University.

He was the founder of Corpus Christie College Oxford University 1515-1516. In later life founded Taunton Grammar School in 1522 and Kings School Grantham in 1528, the year of his death.

He is buried in Winchester Cathedral and had a symbol of the Pious Pelican, of which many examples can be seen on the ceiling of the cathedral. The pelican can also be seen on the aumbry door in the Lady Chapel in this church.

Bishop Foxe was baptised at St Peters Ropsley and he in turn baptised Henry VIII in 1491.