Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Wroot

05. Rector's Newsletter

Rector's Newsletter for March 2021

‘Listen to him’ this Lent

Like the first disciples we are preparing to make a journey to Jerusalem with Jesus during Lent. Like them, we’ll hear hard truths – about the nature of faith, commitment and self-sacrifice. Like Peter, we’ll sometimes find them too much to bear. But God wants us to persist, to hang in there and, above all, in Lent, to “listen to him” – to listen to Jesus, for Jesus will speak to us afresh of our lives of faith and service.

Lent is not the same movie re-run every year, which we watch grudgingly with tired, cynical eyes. Each Lent is new and different. We are a year older; we’ve experienced more; our faith has grown, wavered or diminished; there have been births, illnesses and deaths, marriages, divorces, successes and failures. We are not the people we were this time last year or the people we will be twelve months from now – but it is to the people we are today that Jesus speaks.

The words of Jesus will not always be comfortable, but they will contain hope. Through the darkness there is a glimmer of light, the light of the resurrection. For no matter how dark and hopeless things may seem, God can bring light, life and hope. It is that assurance that allows us to dare to go up to Jerusalem again, that allows us to relive the events of Holy Week and to “listen to him”.

With every blessing this Lent


The Revd Paul Wilson

Rector of the Epworth Benefice