05. Rector's Newsletter

Rector's Newsletter for May 2022

We all have something to offer…

Are you a ‘starter’ or a ‘finisher’? Or, are you fortunate enough to be both? All effective organizations, groups and teams of people need both types of people involved if they are to grow and flourish, including the Church.

Many people are really good at starting things, filled with the initial enthusiasm and commitment and then move swiftly on to the next exiting project or task, passing on the completion stage to someone else. Others stick with something through to completion, but are often only able to commit to a small number of tasks due to the time commitment involved and the risk of burning out through overwork.

I really love those times of creativity where new and exciting things are begun, and I also love the great feeling of satisfaction when things are completed and a metaphorical big green tick can be put on the ‘things to be done’ list.

I love the times when I can sit in the open tailgate of my car, pull on my walking boots, throw my camera over my shoulder, exploring, observing and recording in a series of images something special from my adventure. Then back at home, downloading, developing and finally sharing or printing those images. Starting something creative and finishing the task is a very satisfying feeling of achievement. Moments and times like these are very energizing and life-giving.

Conversely, not being able to complete a task in time or running into interminable problems and setbacks, for me, is totally the opposite - energy draining and life-sapping. I prefer to get an exciting new project up and running, agree on a realistic time scale or outcome and then see it through to a satisfying conclusion. Loose ends, constant setbacks and unnecessary additional hurdles, to me, are very frustrating, wanting to ‘tick off’ that particular task as expediently as possible.

And over the last couple of years we've all encountered far too many of those setbacks, postponements and cancellations of things we wanted to achieve. But hopefully we're now able to get back on track with many of those things we've all had to shelve for a while.

God is the perfect starter and finisher. He began with the great and wonderful plan of creation and, although we must frustrate him in so many ways with our personal choices, he still continues to love us and call us his own. We remember the initial calling and equipping by Jesus of the first Disciples and the moving and poignant final words of Jesus on the cross, ‘It is finished’.

We are promised that when our life on earth is finished we will have eternal life in heaven and at the end of time there will be the revelation of a new earth and heaven.

In the meantime, God continues to call us and equip us with our own unique gifts, skills and talents; some are enthusiastic starters, some determined finishers, but all are loved and valued equally and all are needed by God to enable his Church to grow, flourish and be faithful.

Consider what skills, talents or experience you have been blessed with, ask how God can still use that to his glory in this church today, and arrange to meet with me so that we can discern together where God is calling you to serve.

With every blessing for this May.

Revd Paul

The Revd Paul Wilson

Rector of the Epworth Benefice

St. Andrew’s, Epworth.

St. Mary’s, West Butterwick.

St. Pancras, Wroot.