05. Rector's Newsletter

Ascension Day – the Final Chapter

I’m sure that none of us would enjoy reading a book where the last few pages were missing, or begin watching a TV series knowing that we would miss the last episode when all would be revealed. Yet, with the story of Jesus many of us do just this. We fully engage with the Nativity, the Easter Story and Pentecost, yet often overlook the Ascension as something ‘up there’ and beyond us. But if we do this, then we’re missing out on the last few pages, on the last episode of Jesus’ life which draws everything else together.

The Ascension was a watershed moment for the disciples as it was here, for the first time, that they truly understood just who Jesus was. They’d followed him during his ministry, believing him most of the time, although amongst times of doubt and uncertainty, to be the Messiah; they’d rejoiced at his resurrection, greeting him as the risen Lord, were uncertain again for a time following the resurrection, but now they recognized him as truly the Son of God, the King of kings and Lord of lords as he ascended to return to his rightful place.

I hope that we won’t forget Ascension Day, not just the Deanery Ascension Day service at All Saints Belton on Thursday 18th May at 7:00 pm, but the significance of what this day symbolizes and means, for this day reminds us that Jesus is greater than words can begin to express, sovereign over all. Ascension Day gives us those last few pages of the story, the complete picture, where everything is finally revealed. Without Ascension Day our faith would be so much the poorer and the story of Jesus would be incomplete.

With every blessing this May.

Revd Paul

The Revd Paul Wilson

Rector of the Epworth Benefice & Rural Dean of the Isle of Axholme Deanery