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All Saints' Church, Flixborough

Welcome to All Saints' Church, Flixborough. As with all church buildings at the present time, our church is not being used for services. We look forward to a time when we can worship in the church again. However, the church is not, and never was, a building. The church is the love of God seen in His people. The church remains fully open wherever people do good for the love of God and His creation. Please pray for us, and for all those affected by the present troubles:

Keep us, good Lord, under the shadow of your mercy. Sustain and support the anxious, be with those who care for the sick, and lift up all who are brought low; that we may find comfort knowing that nothing can separate us from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord.

You may wish to see this short video on the Lord's Prayer.

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Jeremy Jolley

The Church is closed for public worship because of the Covid-19 precautions

Every day at 10 a.m. for 24h

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We are only a small church and we have not produced any on-line services. However, lots of churches are bigger than us and guess what - they have! You can find some by clicking on 'more about this event' below.

In the mean-time, please join us in a prayer for those who are sick or afraid:

God of compassion, be close to those who are ill, afraid or in isolation.
In their loneliness, be their consolation;
in their anxiety, be their hope;
in their darkness, be their light;
through him who suffered alone on the cross, but reigns with you in glory, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Recorded service

Alison has now retired as Priest in Charge and All Saint's Flixborough is in an interregnum.

3 Mar 2020, 12:15 a.m.
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