Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Flixborough

The Nypro Memorial

On the 1st June 1974, the Nypro plant exploded, killing 28 people. The memorial pond is dedicated to their memory.The Name Plaque, just visible in the above image, lists the names of all those who died in the explosion. Every five years, the church holds a memorial service for those involved in the tragedy.

Through the kindness of others, the bench near the memorial has been renovated and the pond tidied up considerably. The pond is now frequently visited by a family of ducks, which contentedly swim and play in the water. An information board has been put in place; this provides information about the explosion and explains the meaning of the memorial garden.

We now wish to replace the name plaque, which has become difficult to read, with a new granite 'shard'. The shard will be over 5 feet tall and will bear the names of those who died.

Update 03/03/2021

The granite shard has been ordered. We are hoping that the work will be completed before June 1st 2021.

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