About Us

This was once a tiny church serving a scatter of farms. Then in 1913-15 a huge extension was added to the building just as Grimsby began to grow across the fields.

In the last fifteen years large amount has been spent putting in a modern heating system, re-roofing the nave, inserting a new kitchen and toilets (including facilities for the disabled) and building a new entrance ramp.

About 50 people worship together here on a Sunday morning, but we calculate that at least 5000 different people come through the door each year for other services and community activities.

It is always open for people to look round or pray each Saturday between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon. This is also when to come to book a Baptism or Wedding.

For URGENT matters please contact the Rector on 01472 280 477 or email: [email protected]