About Us

Our Church

Welcome to St Peter's Church, Woodhall Spa and our Group of Parishes.

We are in a group of six Anglican parishes serving six rural villages in central Lincolnshire. Each church has its own character and activities, but we work and share together as much as we can, in worship and social events throughout the year.

St Peter's was consecrated in 1893 by Rt. Rev. Dr Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln and ever since, people have gathered here to worship God and to be encouraged to live a Christian life in the community. It was designed by a famous Victorian architect, Hodgson Fowler, and was built because the old parish church of St Andrew, only seating 190, was too small. St Peter's became the parish church in 1915 and has strong links with the local community, and with the RAF.

The church is open every day from 9.30 am to 4 pm (Saturday until 3 pm) and you are very welcome to come and look around, enjoy the quiet, spend some time in the prayer corner, or help yourself to a walk around guide. There are monthly magazines and prayer cards for sale at the back of the church and boards explaining some of our activities.

The other villages in our group are Bucknall, Horsington, Kirkstead, Stixwould & Langton by Horncastle.

Our Services

1st Sunday in the month 11am Family Eucharist
Other Sundays 11am Eucharist
2nd Sundays 9am  BCP Communion 

Our website is www.woodhallspa.group

Rector and Churchwardens

We do not currently have a Rector in the group. Please contact the Group Administrator for any further information, including making bookings.

Email: [email protected] or use the Get in Touch section to send us a message via A Church Near You.

Our Churchwarden is Paul Brewster.

We also have a small team of volunteers who carry out the various duties at St. Peter's Church. We do have Churchwarden vacancies. If you are interested in becoming a Churchwarden, please contact the   the Rector.