Baptisms, Funerals and Marriages


Baptism is the way that children (and adults) can become part of the church, and mark the beginning of their journey of faith with God. Preparation will be given by a member of the clergy

Parents are welcome to contact the Group Administrator - telephone 07842 202525 or email: [email protected]   to discuss what is involved. The Baptism in Woodhall Spa can take place during a Sunday Service, or  at 12.45 pm. Families then bring the children back  to be welcomed by the wider church family.

There is no charge but you may wish to leave a donation.

Godparents must be baptised and if possible, confirmed. For a boy, it is usual to have two male godparents and one female. For a girl, two female godparents and one male.


Young people are invited to join our Confirmation Preparation Group - they must be at least 11 years old. In this group, they can explore their understanding of the Christian faith, and prepare to make their own step of commitment at our confirmation service. There are also opportunities for adults to prepare for confirmation as part of our Growing Together group.


We are always delighted when a couple wants to be married in one of our churches and happy to work with them to plan the service - and to think about the meaning of marriage.

To be married in a church, you need to prove you have a connection to the village or live or have lived in the village. Or you will need to attend for at least 6 months before the wedding if you have no connection to the village or parish, three weeks to read the banns in your and our churches, usually read in the three months before the wedding.

Please look on the Lincoln Diocese website for weddings for further information or get in touch.

If one (or both) have been divorced, a form will be required to be filled in & to work through whether their circumstances fit the guidelines given by the Bishop, and so whether it is possible to be married in Church. You will need to fill in a Church of England form which the Administrator can send to you.

If you want to get married in one of the group churches, contact the Group Administrator Tel: 07842 202 525 Email:  [email protected]  to talk about what is involved - before you make firm arrangements - and we will give you all the information you need. Nearer the date, the member of the clergy who will take your service will go through the service and look what it says about the meaning of marriage and arrange a wedding rehearsal. Our treasurer will tell you about fees for the Church, organist, minister and verger. No deposit is required.


If you live in the parish it is possible to have a funeral in one of the group churches followed by either a burial or cremation. The funeral director usually contacts a member of our clergy on your behalf and one of the ministers will visit to advise and discuss the service. We offer support to the bereaved family through our Pastoral Care Group of trained visitors.

We also have a Book of Remembrance at the back of St Peters where relatives can inscribe the name of their loved one on the anniversary of their death.

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