About Us

We are a parish church of over 300 members, with a building of special interest because of its famous William Morris/Edward Burne-Jones stained glass windows. Do come and see us, if you have never been before.
We call ourselves a ‘Church on the Way’. This is because, geographically, we are on a triangle so people are often ‘on the way’ somewhere else when they come by here! (You get the idea from the logo which appears throughout the website). Secondly, we are aware that we are a pilgrim people on the move in our 21st. century world. While we take ‘rest’ very seriously, we are aware that we need to be alive to the opportunities this world presents – hence the many activities described here. Thirdly, you may know that Jesus described himself as ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life’ – so we pattern ourselves on his Way.