We are trying to become as Environmentally friendly as we can and we have promised to look at this area of our church 

We have now achieved our Gold award in the Roche Eco awards and will continue to look to improve in this area. We are part of Liverpool Dioceses' promise to improve our world as best we can. We have also signed up to become a net-zero parish by 2030

We find now that the environment and climate change run through all our services we hold Climate Sunday at least once year often for several weeks at a stretch including a parade all age service so that all members of our community work together.

We also hold in September Creation season. looking specifically at different elements affecting climate and the need to try and bring the rising temperatures of the world under controll. 

We have also made raised beds so we can grow our own vegetables and our busy with all our uniformed groups and Sunday schools making Eco bricks so that we can build our own greenhouse and our older generations are busy crocheting Eco bags.