APLACE2B- Thursdays 11:30- 2:30

Aplace2B is a special place, and is our Community Cafe. Together with our community we are serving God in fresh ways and Aplace2B provides a safe space to come, and have fun.  we can provide a space for you to talk through life's issues on a 1-1 basis if needed as we have a  special focus on the Mental health and Well being of our Community here in Croxteth Park.  

You can also just use this space as a cafe and meet some people eat and enjoy the space with out any need to have a mental health issue 

Here you can be in a Place to be Sad, Happy, Feeling scared or Anxious. There is no judgement just help and support.  we have mental health specialists on board and have been approved by Mersey care -Mental  health providers 

We join in with lunch, Crafts such as cards and ECO bags are offered as well as board games and Dominos if people just wish to quietly play and have a coffee and a simple lunch with all the trimmings. 

All are freely offered and only the best is served as we believe in generous hospitality. Our Activities include recycling plastic into Bags that will last for life, and can even be thrown in the washing machine if dirty! Which is all part of our drive to become more ECO aware and to use less plastic. We have had in the last month a Singer and Karaoke! 

Mindfulness is something encouraged and we offer  mindfulness on Wednesday evenings 

We are joined by the Digital bus once a month, and our local PCSOs come and hold a mini surgery once a month too.

Come and join us thursdays 11:30 -2pm at St Cuthberts Church

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