Baptism (Christening)

How do I arrange a Baptism (Christening) service at St. Elphin’s?


Thank you for approaching us to arrange your Baptism (Christening) service here in the Parish Church of St. Elphin, Warrington. You may be new parents celebrating the birth of your child, or bringing an older child who has asked to be baptized, or you may be an adult wanting to be baptized yourself; in each case we are delighted that you wish to arrange a Baptism.

The Anglican Church continues to believe that Baptism is very important to individuals and the wider Church. It is the primary act of Christian initiation, as seen in the Bible, and well documented throughout the tradition of the Church and widely practised. It is the sacrament, a visible sign of God’s love, which unites Christians to Christ and makes them part of his body, the worldwide Church.

The next step:

If you live outside of the parish you will need to arrange the Baptism at your local parish church; you can find out where that is and their details by visiting this link and adding your postcode :  A Church Near You

We baptise people who live in the parish of St Elphin or who live outside and have a present connection - regular worship at the church.

If neither of these describe you, then it would be wonderful for you to make a connection by coming to a Sunday Service once a month for 6 months; during this time you can meet with the Rector and talk about booking the Baptism Service date.

To book a Baptism/Christening, please email the Curate:  [email protected]

Parents & Godparents:

Christian baptism is a very important occasion involving serious decisions. As parents and godparents you will have to say that you will help your child ‘walk in the way of Christ’ and ‘take their place within the life and worship of Christ’s Church’. This means that you will make promises to bring your child to Church so they will be able to share their life and faith journey with their new family, the Church.

You will have to answer serious questions on your child’s behalf promising that you have decided to turn away from everything which is wrong and instead turn towards Christ and His way.

You can find some more information about the Baptismal decisions and promises here;

You don’t have to be a perfect Christian to want to follow Christ. The declarations show that you intend to do your best. You and the godparents must make the declarations yourselves, although the Church will support and encourage you with these.

It is crucial that in wanting the best for your child you bring your child along to worship regularly with the Church Family in order to develop a sense of belonging. Please do ask about the services, events and activities which the Church provides to help you in this. The usual pattern of services at St. Elphin’s are below but during this time of Pandemic we have one service only on a Sunday at 10.30am and this may change depending upon the current news.


8:30 am Holy Communion (said)

10:30 am Holy Communion (with hymns) 


10:00 am Holy Communion (said)

(Occasionally, where there are major Civic services at St. Elphin’s, these times may change)

If you are unsure about whether you are able to make these promises, then please ask about a ‘Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child’.


The Church of England requires that there must be at least three Godparents, two should be the same sex as the child. Parents can stand as Godparents as long as they are not the only Godparents.

In the Church of England those wishing to stand as Christian Godparents must themselves be baptized. Any who are not baptized may give consideration to their being baptized either before, or during, the service at which they are to stand. However, as an adult the promises would be made for themselves and so attendance at church services before consideration of adult baptism is necessary.