A church within Wigan South Parish

St. Aidan's Church is a member of the Parish of Wigan South. Services and events are co-ordinated by a team of experienced volunteers who feel privileged to be called by God to maintain worship and to reach out to our community in so many ways. We have close links with the school and are passionate about the community and bringing people together to spread the word of God.  Services requiring an ordained minister are facilitated by our Wigan South clergy.

We currently have Holy Communion at 10.00 am on the first Sunday of the Month and morning services on the 3rd, 4th and 5th weeks of the month at 10.00am with prayers, hymns or songs, bible readings and a reflection. There is an evening Service at 4pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month and a Holy Communion service at 4pm on the 4th Sunday of the month.

Our Sta's4all meetings for young families,  meet at St. Aidan's School at 10.30 am on the 2nd Sunday of the month. On the 4th Sunday school come to us! At least, the school 'Beacon Choir' take part in the St Aidan's Beacon Service at 10am. This service is very suitable for young families and those who like a less traditional service style.

On a Wednesday at 10am we share Holy Communion Services with Holy Trinity Church, Downall Green. The pattern is for the service to be at St. Aidan's  on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month,  and at Holy Trinity on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. 

The head of  South Hub is Rev. Jeremy Thomas (Tel 01942 727275) .