About Us

The Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary, was founded over 900 year ago probably by Benedictine Monks from Christchurch Canterbury Priory. From January 2011, under the direction of the Bishop of London, the Moot Community, A New Monastic Community made their home at St Mary Aldermary to develop the church's mission and ministry.  We are now in a process of expanding our worship, events and spirituality workshops drawing on a particular contemplative and sacramental perspective.

Our main day to day ministry is the Host Cafe and project promoting good coffee, pastries, hospitality and Christian Spirituality

This is an exciting new development, and we invite anyone interested to join in with us.

Interim Priest - The Revd Andrew Norwood
Anita Phillips - Bookings and Book Keeping
David Frere - Host Cafe Manager
Vanessa Elston - Mission & Evangelism
Lindsay Reiber - Church Warden
Tim Dendy -  Church WardenPriest's Warden
Martin Saunders - Church Treasurer