About Us

At St Mary's we meet at 10.15am on Sunday mornings and 7pm Sunday evening. We hope we are people who know our own weaknesses, but we are also those who have been surprised by the love and power of Jesus in our lives. We want to share what we have found with our community, and help each other to live in the love of God, and to live it out more and more.

You can find lots more about us, and keep up with events on our website stmaryshornseyrise.org.uk

St Mary's is a local church. Most of our members have their homes in the streets and estates of the parish. Our congregation comes from many races and all age groups. It seeks to be active in the community, and worships in a fairly informal style. We want to be faithful to God, but not 'churchy'.

Many of our members meet in small groups each fortnight, and in some ways these are the living heart of the church. Ask when you come if you want to know more and we can tell you more about these.

We welcome children to all our morning services. There is a crèche for under 3's available every Sunday with a loudspeaker link from the service, athough we encourage parents and children to stay in the service where it is practical to do so. There is Sunday Club for children and young people each week, except on the 1st Sunday of the month which is an all age service. We want children and young people to feel part of what goes on.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Who's Who: The Vicar is Rev Tamsin Merchant     </span><span style="font-size: 1rem;">Address: 3 Highcroft Road, London N19 3AQ</span>

Telephone:  0207 281 1459     E- mail address:  [email protected]