About Us

Welcome to St Cuthbert's Parish Church West Hampstead.

Please take a few moments to browse through the following pages which will explain a little of who we are, our recent history,  a brief explanation of what sort of Church St Cuthbert's is and what we feel are the most important aspects of our Church life.

With so many different types of Church and such a variety of different denominations to choose from, it is always difficult nowadays to decide where to 'try things out' as it were, in particular if you have only just moved into the area, are thinking of trying this 'Religion thing' out for the first time or if perhaps you are seeking to come back to an experience of faith and church after something of a rest.

Hopefully you will like what you see within this small introduction and think about visiting us in order to explore these aspects of your life more deeply.

You are promised one thing at the outset, namely, acceptance and a very warm welcome.

The current Church of St Cuthbert's was purpose built in 1988 and as such we have a modern building with all the facilities needed to cater for Church life in the 21st Century.

It has become the recent aim at St Cuthberts to develope a style and form of Sunday Worship that whilst reflecting the traditions of the Church of England is able also to embrace the widest possible selections of taste,as such,extremes in worship are avoided and the traditional styles are held in comfort with more modern forms of liturgy and music.

St Cuthbert's boasts a warm,inclusive and welcoming environment where persons of all age, gender, race, culture and social background are embraced.

We consider ourselves to be a family and commit to caring for each other.

We are ever keen to welcome new people into our congregation.

For more information visit us at:


OR just 'google search' St Cuthberts Hampstead.

With warmest good wishes,

The Revd Hugh Thomas

Associate Vicar with responsibility for St Cuthbert's Church 

020 8450 1067