Getting Married In Church

Because you are reading this page we guess that you have already made the decision to get married and are considering where the ceremony should take place. Thank you for considering our church for this most important occasion.

Marrying in church is just as personal, meaningful and spiritual as you want it to be. Churches are special and unique places to get married in - the prayers, promises and the whole service of celebration become part of your marriage on the day itself and in your life together beyond. How special would it be to remember this church is where you got married in years to come?

You do not need to live in the parish or be regular in attending church as long as you have a qualifying connection* with the parish.

Preparing for your big day, as we are sure you know, requires careful planning. Our Team Vicare, Revd Andy Harper, will be happy to discuss all the details with you. Please get in touch. There is no obligation but a lot to gain from someone who can guide you through the stages leading up to your special day.

To contact Revd Andy please phone/text 07825 081861 or us the "Get In Touch" page on the left.

*There are many possible qualifying connections eg one of you or one of your parents having lived in the parish for at least 6 months; one of you were baptised here; parents or grandparents married here. Also if you attend church services habitually for 6 months you can establish a qualifying connection.