About Us

Christ Church Brunswick, to use our full title, is an Anglican Church, situated on the edge of Manchester's city centre, on busy Brunswick Street, in the middle of the Brunswick estate. Our Rector is Simon Gatenby, who has been with us since 1993.

The building we meet in is modern, informal, comfortable, multi-purpose and has been occasionally mistaken for a swimming pool from the outside! It hosts our Sunday service and that of another congregation, as well many weekday activities.

We seek to live the “life in all its fullness” in which Christ invites us all to participate. This is reflected in our diverse congregation and activities - a congregation which embraces young and old (and all in between) and people from many different ethnic and national backgrounds; and a wide range of activities, which seek to enhance our spiritual, physical and social well-being.

Whatever your age, wherever you come from and whatever you believe about God, you are warmly invited to join us on Sundays or mid-week, for activities run by the church or by other organisations. We hope to make you feel welcome and a valued member of our community.

We support mission work within our local community, especially through M13 Youth Project, Urban Presence and Street Pastors, and overseas (e.g. Operation Restoration).

We also have a global justice and environmental outlook and are involved with national and international campaigns and organisations such as Tearfund.

Brunswick is a Fairtrade church and Registered Charity no. 1131529.