We welcome enquiries about Christenings, and would encourage parents to choose the Christian faith for their children. When children are young, their parents need to choose everything for them, from their name to what clothes they wear. The most important decisions are about faith and way of life. Of course, when they are old enough, children will choose for themselves, but when they are young, parents need to choose how they are going to bring their children up – with what values and what faith.

Christenings take place on Sundays, by arrangement. Please contact us if you would like to make arrangements. Parents will be asked to attend Church a few times before the Christening.  There is no fee for a Christening, but a donation is requested instead.

Children normally have three godparents, who must have been christened or baptised themselves. There may be more than three godparents, or just two, so long as there is at least one godmother and one godfather. Parents do not need to be married in order to have their children christened, though we would encourage marriage.

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