About Us

Most Holy Trinity is a Forward in Faith parish which has passed the resolution to be under the care of a Bishop of The Society. We have a diverse, strong and growing congregation and play an active role in the local community, not just through our regular acts of worship, but through the many organisations that are run by the church and make use of its facilities. Our church hall is regularly used by our Rainbows, Brownies and Guides groups, and many other community groups.

Our Sunday worship is formal and catholic in style, with vestments, incense and a short homily.

Our serving team includes both boys and girls, and there is a Sunday School that meets in the hall, with the children joining the mass at the offertory.

Our parish was founded in 1900, the church building was built in 1907-1908 and was consecrated in February 1908, the "temporary" wooden vestry was made permanent with the completion, dedication and consecration of a brick structure in April 1959 which included the addition of a Lady Chapel. The parish has a rich tradition of high Anglican liturgy and has a small but enthusiastic "4 part" choir.
A new Rectory was built in 1956 on Goodman Street at its junction with Lewis Avenue.